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 Ju-Ju-Be Be All

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PostSubject: Ju-Ju-Be Be All   Ju-Ju-Be Be All Icon_minitimeWed Jun 09, 2010 12:15 pm

After trying four other brands of bags unsuccessfully, I discovered the Ju-Ju-Be line and got ahold of a Be All. It is probably as close to perfect as any diaper bag can be!

Here it is in Brown Bubblegum. My dear husband appreciates the color scheme, so he doesn't have to feel like some humiliated pack mule lugging around a ridiculously floral bag.
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7934

Here is the inside. This bag is the best of both worlds. There are so many pockets to help keep everything organized. However, if you're a stuff-and-go kind of person, the pockets don't get in the way of just cramming everything in there. I love the bright lining (great for finding little things that have fallen to the bottom).
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7935

The detail that REALLY sold me on this bag was the smart magnet. I have suffered through too many bags with twisty zipper paths or difficult snaps. I am usually having to operate the diaper bag one-handedly, and all the inferior bags forced me to either leave it flapping open or put everything down to secure it closed. Not my fabulous JJB! I can just plop the flap closed, and as soon as it's in the general vicinity of the magnet, it's secure.
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7938

Another awesome detail is the comfortable strap. Other bags slide around on your shoulder or leave red marks, but not the Be All. The squishy padding on the strap stays in place and cushions your shoulder.
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7939

I really love how the changing pad comes in and out with just one hand. I have a squirmy child who always protests her upcoming diaper changes. This detail is a must!
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7936
It's not the biggest changing pad on the market, but it does the job just fine. It's also the squishiest, most comfortable changing pad I've ever encountered.

I am a cloth diapering mommy, and I am an overpacker. This was the main source of my problems with other diaper bags; there was NEVER enough room for all my stuff. The Be All can contain all my essentials. Here is a typical spread of my diaper bag's contents:
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7943
Four pocket diapers, sippy cup, tylenol, lotion, hand sanitizer, wipes, disposal bags, a couple toys, diaper cream, wallet, wetbag, snacks, ipod, phone, nursing cover, burp cloth, change of outfit. (The camera goes in there too, but it can't be in the picture!)

All my stuff is very comfortable and organized in my Be All!
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7944
I'm especially impressed at the side bottle pockets. They stretch to accommodate enormous items!

Here is an aerial view.
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7946

Even though the bag is plump, it doesn't affect its stability. I have had too many diaper bags just roll over when stuffed to capacity. Not the Be All!
Ju-Ju-Be Be All CIMG7948

I love the all-metal hardware (no cheapie plastic to break down the road) and the little details like the rhinestones around the logo. The bag is machine-washable (so few bags can claim that!), and made of antimicrobial material.

As far as cons go, I'm not a big fan of the pocket on the messenger flap. When anything is in there, it makes it very bulky and difficult to close. So I pretty much just ignore that section. The rest of the bag is very sufficient without it for me.

In short, I adore this bag. If it were a person, I would probably run away to Vegas with Seriously though, this bag is exactly what I need and I am always raving about it to anyone who will listen!
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PostSubject: Re: Ju-Ju-Be Be All   Ju-Ju-Be Be All Icon_minitimeFri Jun 11, 2010 6:36 am

That is so pretty! I love that pink lining! Looks like you fit a lot in there!
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PostSubject: Re: Ju-Ju-Be Be All   Ju-Ju-Be Be All Icon_minitimeFri Jun 11, 2010 9:00 am

Using it for the blog!
Email me with the subject BE ALL REVIEW to
Include addy, boy/girl and ages for your free gift!


Check out the contests page on the forum!

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PostSubject: Re: Ju-Ju-Be Be All   Ju-Ju-Be Be All Icon_minitime

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Ju-Ju-Be Be All
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