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 Washing Your JJB

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PostSubject: Washing Your JJB   Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:41 pm

CAN I WASH MY JU-JU-BE????? (Updated Again and Again Smile)
Good question!!! YES!!!! You can wash it!!!! And caring for it will prolong the life of your diaper bag and help keep it looking great. (But if your washing machine is REALLY old or if you add clothes with it that bleed then you won't get good results and we cannot be responsible for problems that occur because of on for best tips!!)

GENTLE CYCLE with MILD SOAP and COLD WATER and LINE DRY. If you have a really old washing machine with a really tough agitator then wash it in a family member or friend's newer washing machine. Those old agitators can be very rough. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy For best results turn bag upside down in the washer so it doesn’t fill with water and unbalance the machine. Another great tip is to put the bag in a pillowcase so it doesn't clink around so much.

Do NOT put it in the dryer. I repeat, Do NOT put it in the dryer. 😉
Please allow a few days for the bag to dry (don’t do it right before leaving on a trip!)

If you have a really tough stain-it’s AMAZING what the sun will do-dry your bag/changing pad outside in the sun for those really funky moments. We have also heard from one of the great mommies out there (wife&mommy) that BAKING SODA gets the magnet stains looking great. Just take a toothbrush and mix the baking soda with some water and scrub. Then wash off with a damp cloth. Voila!

UPDATE: BOOGIE WIPES (available at Walmart) are tried and tested by you pink ladies to help get rid of the toughest stains!!! Woo Hoo!!! Great for spot cleaning changing pads too!!!

Also, for grease stains, try a mild dish washing soap...just a bit. Scrub it in and rinse it off. Then dry it in the sun.

You can also wash your changing pad, be mine, snack capsule, wardrobe station, paci-pod and mess shuttle. (You can also put the mess shuttle and rockets in the dish washer!!!) It is a good idea to wash your be mine and other accessories inside a pillow case, so that it doesn't clink around too much.

Sometimes the changing pad is full of air after washing-just fold it up and press down to restore. It takes a REALLY long time to dry the changing pad. Squeeze as much water out as you can. The memory foam is very absorbant. Then dry in the sun. Some people don't think the memory foam is as cushy as before washing. So, if you love it really cushy then spot clean it with a bleach-free disinfectant wipe. Make sure it is completely DRY before you fold it up and put it back in your bag-just because it has Agion and Teflon on it does not mean that the basic laws of nature don't apply. If something wet is folded up in a dark place, it will grow bad stuff. So, please dry it!!! Smile

UPDATE BY JENBUR: "I just realized something. OK, so I know the change pad takes forever to dry and you changed the washing recommendations I believe. Back quite a few mos ago when I was having issues with mine, Joe had suggested that I put it in the dryer on super low for just a little bit. Well, it's been kind of humid here and I had no choice but to wash a couple change pads. So, just to make sure there is no moisture left in the memory foam, I did the dryer trick. Did you know that it "raises" the pattern on the silver again???? I was so excited. Often times, well loved linings and change pads loose the pattern and just appear silver or champagne (without the brocade look...). But the few minutes in the dryer brought the pattern back!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!"

Spot cleaning is an effective way to clean small areas. Use a damp cloth with a mild cleanser and watch that Teflon work! Some things will wipe off with a baby wipe too.

Probably not a good idea to wash the JJB duffel-just spot clean this. I'll test wash a duffel and rocket one of these days. I've just added it to my TO-DO list!

UPDATED!!! One more thing...if you do have a bottle COMPLETELY spill in your bag, YOU NEED TO WASH IT IMMEDIATELY. The Agion and Teflon are amazing BUT they need your help to work. Just like a bullet proof vest is a great protection against a bullet, but wouldn't protect you from a nuclear bomb (bad example, I know Smile ) but same sorta thing. If you have a small leak here or there, our treatments will work wonders but a complete bottle explosion needs immediate attention if it has any chance of survival. Smile

UPDATED AGAIN!!! The sour milk smell can be very difficult to remove and washing it immediately after that happens really helps. Try spraying some smell removal spray or ... duct=MCP04


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PostSubject: Re: Washing Your JJB   Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:26 am

Awesome! Thanks for posting this here. Save people from having to go through a few different links!
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Washing Your JJB
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