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 An update for our fave mamas

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PostSubject: An update for our fave mamas   Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:13 am

The following are discontinued according to the latest update and we have just a few left:

BRB Mint- handful left
Be All Cherry- Less than 10
Be All Mint- Handful
Be Quick Drip Drops- Little over 10
Tween Blue Bouquet- Less than 10
Tween Lush- we're still good on those
Tween Purple Paisley- Less than 10
Tween Mint Julep- Little over 10
Be Set Purple- Little over 10

If you would like to share feel free to share the link.Please do give our members a chance to take advantage first.
Thanks all!


Check out the contests page on the forum!

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An update for our fave mamas
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