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 Some Questions Answered

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PostSubject: Some Questions Answered   Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:33 am

Received an email with some GREAT questions. Check it out: From bottom to top lol

Hi ***-
Those are GREAT questions!! So let's get started...YES, two be lights will fit in the be prepared with room to spare. Check out these pics of a be prepared all packed up.

I don't have a large playtex sippy cup in my possession but the sippy rocket will fit a diet coke can with some extra space. The sippy rocket fits the shorter fat bottles and the bottle rocket is better for the tall skinny bottles.

And yes, the belicious is machine washable (air dry)...all of our bags are machine washable. YEAH!!!!! Here are washing directions from our Pink Room.

Thanks so much!! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Smile


Laura, I honestly do not have all the tools here to be able to test out in order to answer your questions.
I'm thinking maybe JJB has answered some of these before so I'm forwarding the email to them. I wouldn't want to mislead you with vague answers that may or may not be true.

They are absolutely awesome and to be honest, I will probably post this info in our forum.
Really great questions.
Thank you for your patience.


Hi! I am very interested in purchasing some of the ju ju be products, however, I do have some questions to make sure I get what will work best.

First of all, I'm wondering if two filled Ju Ju Be Light bags will fit in the Be Prepared bag with room to spare?

Also, would the large playtex sippy cups fit in the sippy rocket? Would a bottle fit in the sippy rocket or do they only fit in the bottle rocket?

And, are the Belicious lunch bags machine washable? Would one of those fit well in the Light bag?

Could these bags be embroidered?

Thanks for your help!


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Some Questions Answered
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