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 Lotus Light Love!

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PostSubject: Lotus Light Love!   Lotus Light Love! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 11:18 pm

I just got my Lotus light and matching set for Christmas from LD&D. The funny thing is that I never requested print placement, but Maya picked out the most perfect sets I have ever seen!

I use the non-slip knots and love it this way. The knots don't slip that I can tell, and I have it packed! I love that I can tie them in so many ways.

Lotus Light Love! IMG_2286

Okay, now for the packing. I have two diapers, wipes, and a light changing pad in the large set.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2287

I have my personal items and first aid kit in the medium set. I also have my nano in the small set.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2288

In the back pocket, I have a coloring kit and mini etch-a-sketch for the kiddos.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2292

In the zippered compartment, I have my snack happened.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2289

In the main compartment, I have the large and medium sets on their ends. I have my thrifty at the bottom and boogie wipes on top.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2291

In the front pockets, I have my keys and sunglasses on one side, and my small set and cell phone on the other.

Here she is all packed up! I packed it so that it wouldn't be too bulky to wear.
Lotus Light Love! IMG_2294
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Lotus Light Love!
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