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 Review of Ju Ju Be Wannabe

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PostSubject: Review of Ju Ju Be Wannabe   Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:47 am

Hi! I would like to review the Ju Ju Be Wannabe bag. First, I must say that the Ju Ju Be brand is simply amazing. Their bags are anti-microbial, and washable! Which are things needed when using a Wannabe! The one I have is the Citrus pattern. It is bright colored and just perfect for the summer! It is a large bag, so I use mine for park days, and pool/beach days. Really, any day I need to carry some extra things! This past weekend we went to a family gathering up in Morro Bay. We met at Morro Strand beach, and I brought my Wannabe. It was filled with 4 beach towels, 3 kids bathing suits, 2 adult sweatshirts, changes of clothing for all 3 of my kids (ages 10-2), sunscreen, a Ju Ju Be quick filled with diapers, wipes, and cream for the baby. I had 3 swim diapers in one of the interior pockets. Oh yes, let's talk pockets! There are 3 fleece lined pockets in this bag, with a zipper across the top. In those pockets, I put my 2 big kids IPods and headphones. I put a flashlight in the third pocket. There is also an insulated pocket in this bag!!!! I used that pocket for my camera. I figured it would keep the camera cooler, and the insulation makes it a bit "padded". Perfect to protect my camera! You could always put snacks and treats in there too, which I do when we go for park days. Then I can put my camera in one of the fleece pockets. But anyway, back to the beach day. Smile
I had a big blanket on the outside of the bag - there are these really cool elastic-y straps on the outside that hold a blanket or towel. I stuck my phone in the big outside pocket, so I could hear it. There is also room for a magazine in that pocket as well. Now, back to the inside. There are big pockets on the inside, on each side. These are perfect for sippy cups, or water bottles. I used mine for easy access to the sunscreen on one side, and the baby's sippy on the other. Then there are more pockets on the opposite side of the fleece lined pockets. These are mesh pockets! In one of those pockets, I put the baby powder (magic for removing sand!!) And in another one I put the kids goggles. And I had one that was empty!!! It ended up being perfect for a big gallon baggie filled with shells and rocks and beach treasures that were collected! This great bag comes with backpack straps, and tote straps. I generally use the tote straps since I am really not a backpack type, but my hubby loves to carry it backpack style. He thinks is pretty comfy for all the stuff I can fit into it! I did have some small snacks and random barbie dolls in the middle part of the bag as well (with all the towels and clothing).
And the last, most awesome part of this cool bag is the bottom! What?!?! You may say? Yes, the bottom! The whole bottom of this bag unzips! There is mesh at the bottom of the bag, so when you are done for the day, you unzip the bottom and shake shake shake!!!! All the sand is gone!!! It's amazing! So you do not have to bring home all the sand that was collected at your beach day!
This has got to be the most versatile and wonderful bag ever made! It holds so much stuff, keeps things mega-organized, and is not too giant or heavy to carry! This is my go-to bag for the summer. I also use this bag for soccer and baseball tournaments as well. I can not think of anything I do not like about this bag! You really get what you pay for, it is not a cheap bag that you will have to replace every season. This is a bag that you will love and keep for a long time. The only problem will be deciding on what print to get!!!!!! I would highly recommend the Ju Ju Be Wannabe to everyone! Very Happy
So run, don't walk, and get your Wannabe ordered for the summer - it IS the one purchase you must make to have an easy and organized summer!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Review of Ju Ju Be Wannabe   Thu Jun 03, 2010 2:51 am

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Review of Ju Ju Be Wannabe
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